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Tobacco types

Classification of tobacco types

There are some different tobacco types, each of which has multitude of their varieties. All of them are different from each other by many parameters, main of which are size and the color of leaves, processing method, composition and concentration of including in it chemical agents which definite flavor and aroma of end product. As it has been mentioned before, individual qualities of each tobacco type and its variety depend completely on peculiarities of soil composition, climatic conditions of the growing region.

Moldavian tobacco

The most commonly used tobacco types are Virginia and Burly, which are included in the composition of tobacco mixtures and as individual components, in the form of previously prepared and processed by special recipes of primary mixtures, which are called Kavendishy. After them Oriental is followed and some special sorts, more used as additions, since they have specific tastes and aromas. Among them Latakia, Perik and Kentucky deserve especial attention.

Moldavian tobacco

Virginia Tobacco.

This is the most frequently used tobacco type, which has gained great popularity for its natural sweetness and surprisingly delicate and pleasant aroma. Most of its varieties are subjected to warm air when in drying processing, after which it gains especially bright yellow or goldish color and are named Bright Virginia and Golden Virginia. There is Dark Virginia as well, which has darker mahogon color, which can be received with the help of the special processing. The best of the tobacco type Virginia is grown in North American States Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, in Brasilia and on the African continent in Malawi and Zimbabwe.


Burley Tobacco.

This type of tobacco is of the same group that the Virginia tobacco but differs from them in total absence of the natural sweetness and requires additional fermentation. After drying in the open air, Berly is turning its typical red-brown color. When composing tobacco mixtures it has a strange capacity of flavors combining of different tobacco. That is why it is irreplaceable component of majority of aromatized mixtures. Berly itself has a rich nut aroma with caramel taste and with very pleasant slight flavor. The best tobacco of Burly type is grown in USA, Mexico and Malawi.

Moldavian tobacco

Oriental Tobacco.

Oriental tobacco as well as Virginia, tobacco has a natural sweetness in its flavor, but their aromatic quality is much higher since their leaves are covered with the layer protecting from desiccation, which gives specific rich aroma. Oriental tobacco is dried in the sun and acquires radiant bright-yellow color. Their best varieties are grown in Greece, Turkey and Cyprus.

Moldavian tobacco

Latakia Tobacco.

This is one of the most well known varieties of Oriental tobacco, which has a very specific aroma and rich flavor. After sun-curing leaves of Latakia are exposed to repeated curing above the open flame and acquires typical black color. The capacity of tobacco to absorb the smoke smell of fire enables to give it with special aroma, which depends on the type of wood that is used for fire. That is why in tobacco mixtures Latakia flavor and aromatic additive is used since smoking it in its natural state is unpleasant. Generally, it is grown in Syria and in Cyprus in which connection there is a essential difference in flavor and aroma between tobacco of these two regions.

Moldavian tobacco

Perique Tobacco.

It is very rare and expensive tobacco, which has a rich flavor and specific aroma that can be taken in process of pressing of tobacco leaves and their ten-month aging in their own juice. After fermentation, Perique acquires its typical brilliant black color. It is grown only in USA in Louisiana and is used in tobacco mixtures in small quantities as a spice since to smoke it in its natural state is not only expensive but also unpleasant.

Moldavian tobacco

Kentucky Tobacco.

This is a variety of Burly tobacco, which is generally grown in USA in Kentucky and in Malawi. After drying in the open air, tobacco leaves as it is happened with Latakia is exposed to repeated curing above the open flame and after that it acquires unique aroma and dark-brown color. Kentucky tobacco is used in tobacco mixtures for achieving the special original flower and aroma enrichment by piquant tastes.

Moldavian tobacco

Cavendish Tobacco.

Cavendish is not a separate type of tobacco but represents the product of special processing of mixed tobacco Virginia and Burly. However, every producer has its own secrets, which make his tobacco mixtures different from the others; there are two main methods of Cavendish preparation: Tobacco pressing at a high temperature with its following aging or special processing of tobacco by steam under the influence of temperature. In both of the cases, tobacco acquires dark-brown or black color and becomes more aromatic, softer and sweeter to the taste. Depending on used varieties of tobacco Virginia and Burly, final product is named Black Cavendish or Brown Cavendish. Cavendish is mostly used in aromatic and soft tobacco mixtures.


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