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Tobacco bush

A tobacco bush

Tobacco is known as Nicotiana Tabacum in botany which relates to nightshade family and has one year’s development cycle. The height of the tobacco bush ranges between 50 cm and 3 metres, depending on the grade, the composition of the soil and on the climatic conditions of the growing region. Leaves of this plant are dark green on the outside and light green on the inside which are fixed to the stalk in the sitting way, that is there are no cuttings. Their shape and size also depends on one or another grade. Tobacco blossoms with the small, rose-coloured flowers and pollinates or by self-fertilization or with the help of insects. The fruit represents as a capsule which contains up to 40000 very little brown seeds. They are so small that there are about 12000 of them in one gram. Since, there are several flowers and fruits accordingly in a one tobacco bush, one plant is able to produce up to 400000 of the seeds. Theoretically, tobacco is a very undemanding crop and can grow everywhere, but it is necessary to have the elaborated climatic and soil conditions as well as the special kind of growing methods and preprocessing which require big, painstaking work for getting the qualitative raw materials. Moreover, the above mentioned conditions and methods are different from each other for every individual grade of tobacco. At present time the most large producers and exporters of tobacco are USA and Brazil. Except for them, tobacco cultivates succesfully in Cyprus, Sumatra, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania, Turkey, Greece, Mexico, Honduras, Dominican Republic, India, China and in some other countries. On the one hand, it is very profitable to grow qualitative tobacco as you can take the rich crop even in a small space, but on the other hand, it is required considerable labour inputs and resources.

Moldavian tobacco

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