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Moldavian tobacco  

         In the last years in the conditions of competition the demand on the quality increased. But, even if one has modern equipment, it is impossible to get necessary quality, if there is no quality raw material. Tobacco is a very sensitive and exigent culture. When all the collective farms disintegrating, the technology of cultivating tobacco, in the issues of selection, processing of land, crops rotation, fertilizing and irrigating is not respected at all. This is why we had to take this stage under our control. Now we cultivate tobacco on our own or rented lands, keeping rigorously the technology of the entire process.

         The seeds are purchased in authorized scientific institutes, which guarantee the “purity” of the sorts. Specialists on plant’s protection attentively follow the illnesses that can appear on leaves and treat the tobacco in time, making necessary treatment. Also, the weeding and breaking, which was made in time, improve the quality of the tobacco. But we also, collaborate with farms, where tobacco is not the only culture they cultivate, but one of the many. But also in this case, the entire process is controlled and we help in many ways (consultations and financially) in order to achieve necessary quality.

Moldavian tobacco

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