Tobacco factory
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Jute twine


  (For stringing tobacco and garters grapes)



       Vegetable origin. By 100% decomposed in the soil.
       Do not pollute.
       Tough. Securely holds the stem and, at the same time does not cut it.
      Not moldy.
      Durability - two seasons.
      Convenient when garter works.
      1 kg of twine - 670 meters or 3335 garter sts.


      Reels on sleeves with cross winding.
     Weight reel 18 kg or 0.9 kg.
     Reels are packed in a bag of 4 or 24 pcs.

 The following table presents the most used as the garter crop materials.

Name Twine (hemp) Twine (Jute) Trim (waste textile mills) *

Fiber flax jute -
Vegetable vegetable origin -
The linear density of 2500 dtex 1500 dtex 3700 dtex
Breaking load 22 kg 22 kg -
Number of meters to 1 kg. 400 m 670 m 270 m
Price is specified.

* Also of note is the high level of extra work in preparing garter material from waste textile mills.

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