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Tobacco equipment

We offer a large selection of the most famous tobacco equipment manufacturers : Comas, Hauni, Bulgartabaki others.

We carry out work on the fabrication, integration and commissioning of tobacco manufactures small and medium- scale capacity up to 5 tons of finished tobacco products per hour.

Photos of our tobacco equipment

European tobacco equipment

For your needs, we provide the following services:

- Fabrication of the tobacco equipment for the manufacture of tobacco

- Tobacco production equipment

- Recovery ( rebilding ) tobacco equipment

- Grade tobacco shop equipment

- Commissioning of tobacco production

Large experience in restoring tobacco equipment from different manufacturers and packaging of tobacco factory of various sizes allows us to confidently guarantee you best tobacco equipment that helps you to receive tobacco goods in the required volumes.



Repair parts for tobacco equipment


    • Slicing machine
    • Cardboard case forming equipment
    • Cooling zone
    • Automatic label printers and applicators
    • Product cleaning / De-Sanding cylinders
    • Hydraulic calibrating press
    • Air flow system
    • Case weighing devices
    • Dryers for Lamina and Stem
    • Case identification using a bar code system, complete with printers and scanners
    • Bale Undressing
    • Casing & Flavouring Preparation Kitchen
    • Expansion & Drying tobacco
    • Roller, chain and belt conveyor handling systems
    • Tie Leaf and Tip cutting stations
    • NTRM Removal
    • Stems Conditioning
    • Silos
    • Dryers / Re-Dryers
    • Maker Feeding
    • Case strapping unit
    • Conditioning process
    • Bale handling equipment
    • Threshing units
    • Closed coupled modular stage classifying
    • Packing stations
    • Pallet dispensers and stackers
    • Hydraulic case presses
    • Flavouring Application
    • Case Filling Stations type PA
    • Transfer trolley cars and rotational platforms
    • Toasting
    • Bin or Carton Filling Station with Bin Management System
    • Feeders & Add-back Tobacco System
    • Stems Flattening
    • Lamina Conditioning
    • Tobacco Cutting
    • Mechanical presses
    • Casing Application
    • Ergonomically designed picking tables


Any tobacco equipment that you need, and is not described here - can be used from our range of Primary machinery.



Cigarette equipment


Also, our company can provide you cigarette equipment and cigarette packaging equipment




Tobacco equipment photos




Tobacco cutting line


Cigarette equipment

Cigarette packing equipment

Tobacco drying drum line

Drumming line for blending